WELCOME! - enjoyable rickshaw riding in Zurich!

BIKE BUTLERs are ready for YOU!

Since 2012 BIKE BUTLER rickshaws have been riding through the city and are spreading joy and happiness. As a passenger your experience is not only unique and extraordinary but also emotional. You get a new perspective of the city and riding on a rickshaw is definitely not comparable to a tram, a conventional taxi or even a tourist bus ride. With BIKE BUTLER you're sitting in the first row! With wind in your face! You can click pictures without rolling a windowpane. You may chat an entertaining conversation with your rider or just lean back and enjoy the ride. Life can be that easy!

We are a perfect mix between Transport and Entertainment and refer it as: TRANSPORTAINMENT! Whether you want a city tour with explanation, or just a ride making small talk with our riders, or if you would like to listen to music of your choice during the ride or just have silence (at extra charge ;-), we have it all! For music, we have Bluetooth-speakers on board with own Spotify-Playlists. Or if you prefer to connect your mobile and play music from it. It's up to you! Jump in! and experience an amazing rickshaw ride with BIKE BUTLER!

CITY-TOURS / Excursions

We ride where you want to go!
The following map provides an overview of the areas we ride. Pick your favourite destinations and we'll ride there!

A particular strenght of ours are the guided City-Tours.
Informative and entertaining. We offer 10 standard city-tours at your fingertips. Two Night-Tours.

Make someone happy with a BIKE BUTLER gift-card!

SPECIALS - everything else

What's ever possible with a rickshaw, we will do it!

We do everything to move people!


Our rickshaws are eye catchers!

The rickshaws are well accepted by society and always makes you smile when you see one going past. They move along the most crowded of areas in the city and cannot be overlooked. This is the perfect vehicle for a new adver- tisement campaign in Zurich. Refreshing and eco-friendly.

Promising starting points for your next outdoor marketing activity!
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