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Beat Menzi, Founder and managing Director

Beat 333x200BEAT is a typical Swiss name, a shorten form of Beatus. Beatus was the first christian missionary in Switzerland. The name comes from Latin and means lucky soul or just lucky. In English, the pronunciation of BEAT is: 'BE' as in 'BELL', 'A' as in 'FAST' and a "T" at the end. My name has nothing to do with the Beatles or the beat of music. It's a originally swiss name and I'm a real local guy.

I ride mostly during daytimes and provide mainly city-tours and indiviual tours. Backoffice and business development are additional fields of operation.

I'm a cycling enthusiast and love to communicate with others. To share all the nice views and my knowledge about Zurich makes me happy. I really love to be part of such a wonderful place on earth. I look forward to show you our beautiful city. Lean back and enjoy the perfect scenery!

Contact: <class="sp-contact-email">E-Mail beat@bikebutler.ch or <class="sp-contact-mobile">Mobile +41 79 421 50 25 or on Facebook

Beat speaks german and english.

Arjun Jois, Co-Owner

Arjun 333x200Hi I'm ARJUN, I'm originally from the south of India. I started backpacking in 2007 and overnight became a long distance bicycle tourist . After a maiden tour of South East Asia, I set my sights on Europe. A couple of years of blood and toil over application forms and I found myself riding a rickshaw through the streets of London, thanks to a couple of inspirational people.

If that was not enough for a fairy tale, love and family has finally brought me to Zurich and here I'm living my dream - riding a rickshaw with Bike Butler. I like riding during the evening and nights. So if you are looking to have fun and party in the nightlife, then hop on and experience Zurich by night with Bike Butler.

Contact: <class="sp-contact-email">E-Mail arjun@bikebutler.ch or <class="sp-contact-mobile">Mobile +41 76 818 00 98 or on Facebook

Arjun speaks english, hindi, tamil and more and more german.




For group rides or bigger events, we need the sporting support of volunteers. These people are spontaneous, friendly and willing to help. For a small additional income, they work hard for our customers. Many things would not be possible without them. Therefore, all of them deserve a big thank you!


You live in Zurich, speaks german, are athletic, work irregularly and have time to swing yourself from time to time as a bike butler in the rickshaw saddle? We are always looking for volunteer drivers. We offer an exciting activity on fresh air, with fair compensation and lot of fun. If you are interested, please contact us by e-mail.

100% FUN  +  0% stress